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Frederick County

Positive Parenting Program

Everyone can improve their parenting skills. Parenting classes can help you learn the basics and lessen the anxiety of being a parent, no matter your circumstances. The evidence-based parent and family training programs offered by Potomac Community Services is a fee-based teaching series assisting parents in our community to improve their parenting and communication skills. We offer sessions that address parenting skill development for parents and caregivers who have children from birth through young adulthood. Our facilitator provides classes for families, groups, and educators and has worked with Washington County Public Schools, Head Start of Washington County, Grace Academy, and the Department of Social Services Kinship Navigators.

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Love and Logic®

  • "Parenting the Love and Logic Way Curriculum"

  • Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun® Curriculum

Active Parenting

  • Active Parenting: The first five years

  • Active Parenting 4th Edition

  • Active Parenting of Teens

  • Cooperative Coparenting through Separation and Divorce

  • Teens in Action

  • Active Parenting of Teens: Families in action

  • Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce

  • Active Parenting of Stepfamilies

  • Classes are also available in Spanish upon request.

  • Paternidad Activa: Los Primero Cinco Anos

  • Paternidad Activa 4a Edition


Parenting Inside and Out 

Parenting Inside Out (PIO) is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral parent management skills training program created for incarcerated parents through a six-year collaboration of scientists, policymakers, practitioners, and instructional designers. Both the information in the program and the way that information is presented were informed by knowledge derived from research and practice.

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Potomac Community Services Parenting Program Frederick County MD
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Meet the Team

Compassionate about mental health care.
Passionate about people.

Potomac Community Services Dave Rodriguez

Dave Rodriguez

Operations Director,

Parenting Manager

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