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What we do

The best support from the best case managers.

We use a multidisciplinary approach to client care by coordinating with the client, their family, and their support network, including doctors, therapists, and other community resources, to help create stability and increase independence.

Early Childhood Mental Health


Coaching children ages 0-5 and their parents at home with school-readiness activities, parenting skills, and mentoring to establish boundaries and create structure.

In-Home Visits

Connection to Resources

Parenting Support

Geriatric Care

School Support

Connection to Transportation


Compassionate Staff

Targeted Case 



Supporting clients with mental health needs through connections to community partners to achieve life goals. 




Helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Washington county to secure permanent supported housing.




Navigating health care for aging adults and disabled persons by supporting the caregiver.

Potomac Community Services Mental Health Services Western MD

Why choose us?

Focusing on you, with the best support and care.

Our primary role is to respond to the needs of our clients in a kind, dependable, and accepting manner while providing individualized services to those with mental health diagnoses. 




We're a Team!

Our team is passionate about mental health care and community service. We are committed to working together to serve our communities and making sure clients have access to essential resources to build more independent lives for themselves. 

Connect to Services Button Goes to Options for Adults, Youth, and Parenting

We Can Help!

Mental health needs are common. You are already on the right track in seeking support. Navigating mental health care and community resources is essential to achieving your goals. Potomac Community Services has helped community members with this for 25 years! We are excited to help you with your  needs. 

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