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Potomac Community Services Careers Western MD

Potomac Community Services is committed to investing in our talented and mission-driven staff--you! Making a difference in people's lives with behavioral health needs isn't the only benefit we offer. PCS also invests in our staff's training and professional development as well as their financial, physical, and emotional well-being with a comprehensive compensation and benefits package.

Training and Professonl
Potomac Community Services Training and Professional Development Western MD

Training and Professional Development

PCS develops a 12-week training and mentorship plan for everyone joining our team. Weeks one through four combines classroom-style training with peer mentorship and working with your supervisor. Your mentor is an experienced PCS staff member matched with you in mind who will teach you by observing client interactions, sharing community resources,

providing hands-on training, and reviewing regulatory and PCS requirements. Weeks five through twelve provide additional classroom-style training while you transition to managing your caseload with continued support from your mentor and supervisor.

PCS's unique case management model supports employees through monthly staff training, monthly group clinical meetings with a licensed mental health professional, one on one clinical sessions with a licensed mental health professional as needed for more complex situations, quarterly field visits with a supervisor or clinician to help build skills in the field, and twice per year organization-wide training workshops.


PCS encourages independent professional development by providing continuing education seminars each year for clinical staff and tuition reimbursement for staff pursuing higher education, certification, or licensure in the field. Are you interested in going back to school? In addition to tuition reimbursement, flexible scheduling and paid PCS internships can help you achieve that goal.

401K and Roth Plan

401K and Roth Plans

PCS supports your financial well-being by offering 401K and Roth IRA plans. New employees are eligible to participate after their ninety-day introductory period. PCS matches up to 4% of your contributions to your 401K, and participants are fully vested after only three years.

Potomac Community Services Retirement Plans Western MD


Potomac Community Services Compension Western MD

PCS studies the market to remain competitive. We know that experienced and educated staff make the best case managers, so we consider your previous experience and education and your bi- or multi-lingual ability, licensures, or certifications.


Motivated to go "above and beyond?" Ask about PCS's incentive program for case managers. Additionally, PCS maintains a fleet of vehicles for staff use, and we offer a mileage stipend when using your personal vehicle for PCS work. 

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Comprehensive Health Benefits
Including Employee Assistance Program

PCS offers health benefits from top-rated insurance companies, including two medical plans, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, and an Employee Assistance Program. We pay over 90% of an employee's medical premium and offer a medical plan with a health savings account.

Potomac Community Services Health Benefits Western MD

Our employees are the foundation of our organization. To ensure you get the help you need when you need it, we also offer an employee assistance program (EAP) designed to connect you with the best resources for handling personal and professional challenges that can impact your ability to manage stress and remain productive at work. 

Flexibe Schedules
Potomac Community Services Career Benefits Western MD

Flexible Schedules, PTO, and Team Building Events

Flexible scheduling supports both PCS clients and staff to find balance. Most case manager positions require some level of evening availability. Those working with children in school during the day need more evening availability. However, scheduling yourself out for a dentist appointment or seeing your child's school performance without

having to use leave ensures flexible scheduling also meets your needs. Do you want to end your day early but don't mind doing evening work from home? Or are you an early bird that wants to start your workday catching the worm? Flexible scheduling and a generous PTO policy are just a couple of the perks of being a PCS employee.


Ten days per year of Paid Time Off (PTO) and five days per year of Sick and Safe Leave (SSL) begin accruing on your first day and increase with your tenure. PCS also provides paid holidays, floating holidays, bereavement leave, and paid administrative leave for jury duty and military duty.


We also host several team building events yearly. Why? Because once you feel connected with your coworkers, you'll have an easier time exchanging creative ideas and working together for a common goal. Not only that, but we want you to know that your work at PCS is appreciated and valued.

Potomac Community Services Careers
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