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Washington County

Journey Life Care Program

Journey Life Care (JLC) provides professional care management services to aging adults or others facing ongoing health challenges and crises. JLC is a community-based service that allows the Care Manager to work independently with the client they designate as "home."


What is the role of a Care Manager?

Care Managers specialize in working with older adults or those with debilitating diseases. Typically, our Care Managers have a nursing or social work background that encompasses the multi-faceted aspects of holistic care. Services can include:

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  • Completes assessment, develops a plan of care, and provides ongoing monitoring 

  • Coordinates care amongst the host of providers involved with the individual

  • Supports the family and caregivers with problem-solving, resourcing, advocating, and future planning

  • Evaluates for safety and create safety plans when needed

  • Attends medical appointments to ensure collaboration of care and client understanding/family awareness

  • Coordinates for the level of care transition (hospital to home, home to assisted living, assisted living to home or long-term care facility, etc.)

  • Provides regular updates to family members and/or serves as a surrogate when the family is not able to be present

  • Provides crisis intervention when needed to help clients and/or family members through emergency care, hospitalization, or rehabilitation

  • Acts as a long-distance connection during crisis 24/7

What pays for this service?

  • Some long-term care insurance policies cover Care Management. 

  • Private pay by the client or family member(s).

The JLC program offers a client-centered approach to caring and improving quality of life by tailoring a personalized care plan to one's specific needs to reduce family stress and offer peace of mind.

Navigating through aging transitions can be complicated and overwhelming, especially during the busyness of life. A Care Manager can step in and guide a partner with the individual, family, and care team at any time. Our goal is for you never to be alone and have a connection along life's journey.

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Meet the Team

Compassionate about mental health care.
Passionate about people.

Jodi Ramsey Potomac Community Services

Jodi Ramsey

Health and Well Being Director,

Journey Life Care Program Manager

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