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Potomac Community Services Western Maryland

Potomac Community Services

Quality Mental Health Care You Can Count On

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Mental Health Hagerstown Frederick Westminster Cumberland

A Non-Profit Human Service Agency Serving
Allegany, Carroll, Frederick, and Washington Counties

Our services help people work towards mental health recovery.  Effective outcomes involve interactions between the case manager, different health care providers, the individual, their family members, and other significant persons.


Allegany County

Potomac Community Services Allegany County Office


Carroll County

Potomac Community Services Carroll County Office


Frederick County

Potomac Community Services Frederick County Office


Washington County

Potomac Community Services Washington County Office

What Our Clients Say

Potomac Community Services Family Mental Health Case Management
“My Case Managers have been very supportive and helpful as well as professional in assisting me with my health care and disability needs. I appreciated (very much) having Potomac Community Services in my life!”

Our Values

Our Vision

Through our intentional actions and interactions, we will bring HOPE to every life.

Our Mission

To influence generations.

Our Role

Our primary role is to respond to the needs of the community in a kind, dependable and accepting way while supporting our communities to better serve those who need support the most. Finding your way around resources is always hard. Think of us as your compass!

Potomac Community Services Adolescent Services

Who we are

You aren't alone.

Housing needs, food security, and medical needs can feel overwhelming to work through and find help. Difficult times are even more challenging when you’re struggling with mental health. Potomac Community Services support you one-on-one, so you’re never alone.
Our services range from early childhood to geriatric care. They make it possible for clients to remain in their homes and avoid placement in a higher level of care, such as residential care or hospitalization. We are here to listen, here to help, and here for real change.

Potomac Community Services Family Mental Health Services

Our Core Values



Connect to Services

What kind of services do you need?

Whether you are an adult looking for help; a parent or teacher looking for assistance with a child; a therapist wanting to connect a client for services; or parents looking for parenting support, you are in the right place!


Adults Referral

Supporting clients (18+) with mental health needs through connections to community partners to achieve life goals


Youth Referral

Supporting clients (up to 18 years old) and their families to coordinate care across all areas of the child's life


Parenting Skills Referral

Supporting parents through evidence-based curriculum so they can take an active role in their child's growth and development


Counseling Contact

Supporting clients and their families with counseling services at our Washington County office and Carroll County office in Westminster, MD

Connect to Services Button Goes to Options for Adults, Youth, and Parenting

We Can Help!

Mental health needs are common. You are already on the right track in seeking support. Navigating mental health care and community resources is essential to achieving your goals. Potomac Community Services has helped community members with this for 25 years! We are excited to help you with your needs. 

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